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Welcome to the inspiring gallery featuring the visionary women entrepreneurs showcased in the special edition of The Possible Woman Magazine, "HERstory Unveiled: Celebrating Leading Women." These remarkable individuals represent a diverse array of industries, each bringing their unique passion, expertise, and innovation to the forefront of entrepreneurship. This special edition, curated by Sharon Ringier, founder of The Possible Woman Magazine and creator of the I'm Possible Women's Empowerment Collective, highlights the incredible achievements of these women. Dive into their stories, explore their ventures, and be inspired by their journey towards success. Get ready to discover the extraordinary women who are shaping the future and redefining what's possible, all made possible through Sharon Ringier's dedication to elevating the voices of women in business.

Sharon Ringier

The Possible Woman Magazine & I'm Possible Women's Empowerment Collaborative, Inc.

Sharon Ringier, founder of I'm Possible Women's Empowerment Collaborative and editor-in-chief of the Possible Woman Magazine, is a Small Business Alignment Strategist with a passion for helping women entrepreneurs achieve their goals. With over 20 years of experience, Sharon has dedicated her career to empowering women and helping them reach their full potential. Her passion for mentoring and coaching female entrepreneurs led her to create the I'm Possible Women's Empowerment Conference in 2018, which has since evolved into a thriving community of like-minded businesswomen. Sharon's work has been recognized by several prestigious awards, including the 2020 Daily Herald Business Ledger Influential Women in Business, 2020 Top 90 Women in Business Blog & Websites for Women Entrepreneurs, and 2020 List of Influential African American Business Women You Should Know On LinkedIn. Through her coaching and collaboration, Sharon inspires women to gain clarity, create alignment in their businesses, and achieve their dreams.

Alejandra Rojas

The Money Mindset Hub

Alejandra Rojas is a finance professional focused on financial trauma and money mindset, supporting female entrepreneurs or business owners in building financial freedom and wellness for themselves using her highly effective holistic frameworks for money.

After reaching rock bottom, when money burnout re-activated an old life-threatening sickness again, she knew she had to design methods to attract money without losing her life...Ever since The Money Mindset Hub has supported hundreds of women in developing financial awareness and success on their terms.

Alejandra is always on the move, soaking in the beauties of the world. She shares tons of golden nuggets on her podcast –
"The Money Mindset Show”

Alexa Stimpfel

The Shoe Fairy & My Power

Meet Alexa Stimpfel, the visionary entrepreneur behind The Shoe Fairy, a groundbreaking company that is transforming the world of heels. As the founder and owner of this innovative brand, Alexa is on a mission to redefine the clear heel, one step at a time. She is also the force behind her newest venture, My Power, a purpose packed passion project that brings strength through bracelets. Alexa is a mother to a beautiful baby boy and just like the rest of us, trying to figure out how to balance business, baby and life!

Dannelle Stratton

Five Rings Financial

I'm Dannelle Stratton, a proud veteran of the Colorado Air National Guard with over 25 years of service. I'm dedicated to serving my friends, family, and community. Discovering Five Rings Financial transformed my approach to securing my family's future. Inspired by its simplicity and effectiveness, It is my passion to share this opportunity with everyone. I believe in the importance of financial literacy and empowerment, I am committed to ensuring a secure financial future for all. Join me in ensuring a stable future for you and your loved ones through this simple yet effective process.

Jean Lavallie

WESOS Network

After 25 years as a stay-at-home mom, I embarked on a journey to reenter the workforce and contribute to society. Despite encountering obstacles in the hiring process due to outdated perceptions, I remained determined, adaptable, and eager to learn. Networking proved daunting at first, but discovering "Women Entrepreneurs' Secrets of Success" (WESOS) transformed my experience. Surrounded by supportive women who shared my journey, I gained confidence and eventually became the group's organizer. WESOS fosters a collaborative approach to networking, transcending traditional sector-based divisions. Together, we empower women entrepreneurs to thrive through mutual support, emphasizing the value of collaboration in achieving success.

Jen Loving

Engaging Speakers

Jen Loving is CEO of Engaging Speakers, a successful business coach, a best-selling author with seven books, and a philanthropist.

Jen built her first 5 businesses to 6 figures each, all in under a year and all in different industries. She has now helped over a thousand entrepreneurs build their businesses with many reaching 6-figure and 7-figure revenue.

She has been featured on, ABC News, and the Chicago Tribune; however, Jen is most proud of founding her international non-profit “Handing Hope” which brings comfort and smiles to children battling cancer.

Kathi McCarty

Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance

Kathi McCarty is a passionate educator, advocate and founder of Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance, dedicated to raising awareness and preventing the devastating and dangerous health and financial impacts of methamphetamine toxins in our both residential and commercial properties. After discovering that her own property had been used as a meth lab by a temporary tenant, Kathi became determined to prevent others from suffering similar consequences. Through her work, she has become a leading voice in prevention of methamphetamine contamination, providing vital education and championing new legislation in the 2023 Colorado legislative session.

Laura Navaquin

Navaquin Properties &

Inspire Her Foundation

Laura Navaquin, a former corporate professional of nearly 20 years, transitioned to real estate investment alongside her husband, Joseph. As the founder of the Inspire Her Foundation, she dedicates herself to empowering youth through education, skill workshops, and mentorships, inspiring them to pursue their dreams. A sought-after speaker, Laura passionately promotes confidence-building and encourages individuals to fearlessly chase their aspirations, regardless of size or distance.

Rina Shah

Aum Dance Creations &

Rina Shah, hailing from Northern New Jersey, is the founder and director of AUM Dance Creations, the largest Bollywood dance school in New Jersey, boasting nearly 1000 students across 25 state-wide locations. Her dancers have graced renowned stages including Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, and Carnegie Hall, as well as featured on prominent shows like Good Morning America and Fox 5 NY. Currently enrolled in a female founders accelerator, Rina is pioneering a groundbreaking dating app startup after her own experiences with conventional apps. Recently married in July 2023, she is dedicated to revolutionizing the dating landscape with a fresh perspective on love and companionship.

Sally Wurr

SW Insurance Corp. & Sally Wurr

Sally Wurr is a dynamic International Speaker, celebrated Multi-book Best Selling Author, and empowering Life Design Coach. As the visionary Founder and President of SW Insurance Corp in Colorado, U.S.A., she embodies resilience and insight, earning her the moniker “Storm Whisperer” for her ability to guide individuals and corporations through life's challenges. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Sally excels in mentoring others to craft lives they truly desire. Through her engaging talks on topics like “Preparing

for Life’s Storms” and “Designing Your Life On Purpose, she inspires audiences to embrace change and navigate life’s unexpected twists

with purpose and grace.

Shaara Roman

The Silverene Group

Shaara Roman is founder and CEO of The Silverene Group, an award-winning culture consulting firm advising leaders at the intersection of people, culture, and the future of work. As an entrepreneur, board member, speaker, author, adjunct professor, and former Chief HR officer, Shaara and her team consult with leaders who are looking to grow, scale and govern the risks and opportunities at the heart of people and culture. Prior to founding The Silverene Group in 2016, Shaara held leadership positions in a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Born in India, schooled in Nigeria and England, and having lived in Greece before coming to the US, Shaara’s global experience provides the foundation for her distinctive expertise.


Ciara Holloway

Event Photographer

BluePanther Studios

Ciara Holloway is the owner of Bluepanther Studios, a photography studio in the Chicagoland Area specializing in headshots, events, fashion, and family photography. Ciara brings a unique perspective to each project, skillfully capturing the essence of individuals in professional headshots, the energy of events, and the allure of fashion.

Additionally, Holloway takes on photography assignments worldwide, broadening her portfolio with a range of diverse experiences and perspectives. She is committed to delivering exceptional quality and creativity in every image, ensuring that her clients' expectations are exceeded.


Gretchen Jayson

Printing & Graphics

Kletch Marketing Solutions

Gretchen Jayson is a 2x business owner and a marketing expert who helps small businesses attract their ideal clients. She uses strategic social media ads, marketing systems, and automation to help them reach their goals. Whether it’s for general marketing or specific launches, her systems can handle it.

Gretchen is passionate about wellness and entrepreneurship. She knows the struggles of running a business and wants to make marketing easy and stress-free for her clients.

When looking to take your business to the next level, Gretchen's unique approach to marketing can help you achieve your goals and create a thriving business.

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